World Suicide Prevention Day

Working Together To Prevent Suicide

Every year, World Suicide Prevention Day has a theme. In 2021, it was 'Creating Hope Through Action.'

On every September 10th, the Council invites you to work with its members, to prevent suicide in our cities, towns and villages across Wellington-Dufferin.


When someone is struggling, the first step is taking a moment to check in with them and listen supportively and compassionately to what they have to say.  Help them look for resources.

Light a candle

Place it near a window at 8:00 p.m. every September 10th. The candle is a beacon of caring and compassion.  The candle also recognizes those who have been bereaved by suicide, the survivors of suicide, and those who may be struggling right now.  

Speak up

Get active on social media, initiate conversations, plan or attend an event. Use the hashtags to help spread the message of hope and end the stigma. #WSPD2021 #SACWD

Suicide prevention and awareness is a shared responsibility. We all must keep working together to prevent suicide. Even one person dying by suicide is too many.

Learn more about the Council's 2021 project. RE-CONNECTING for Suicide Prevention.


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